Heating Water Treatment according to VDI 2035


»The water filter for demineralization with pH+ technology and replacement cartridge system«

The CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ heating water filter system for heating water in low-salt operation is suitable for initial filling and demineralisation of the circulating heating water.

Based on its unique composition of different ion exchange resins, CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ provides a reliable demineralisation (deionization) and produces a heating water with a low electrical conductivity in the range of 0.1 - 100 μS / cm and a total hardness of <0.01 ° dH.

As a special advantage, the filter media composition in the CLARIMAX balances the pH value of the heating water to a level of ~8.2 - 8.5 already in the filling water of the heating system.

The CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ is particularly user-friendly thanks to the replacement cartridge system. The time-consuming resin change, as usual with conventional ion exchangers, is eliminated because the cartridges can be changed in no time at all.

The facts in brief

  • Heating water demineralisation according to the recommendations of VDI 2035 and other guidelines to an electrical conductivity of 0.1 - 100 µS/cm.
  • Balances the pH to a level of ~8.2 - 8.5.
  • Removes chlorides, sulfates, nitrates and hardness.
  • Easy to use with replacement cartridge system.
  • Ideal for initial filling and circulating water demineralisation of heating systems.

Technical Details CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ LED

Field of use:Water filter system for heating system filling with water according to guidelines such as VDI 2035, SWKI BT 102-01 or ÖNORM H 5195-1 with integrated balancing of the pH.
Operating temperature:4 to 60°C
Operating pressure:2 - 6.9 bar
Nominal flow:~8.3 l/min
Connection:3/4" male thread
Weight:~21,5 kgs ready to use

Model and Dimensions

Article-No.DescriptionA (mm)B (mm)Capacity at 10°dH / 17,8°fH / 330 µS/cmNominal flow
41050CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ LED Water Filter System300550~1,2 m3498 l/h
41052Replacement cartridge 1200  DM pH+----~1,2 m3--
41053Replacement cartridge 1200 DM----~1,2 m3--