Heating Water Treatment according to VDI 2035


»The water filter for demineralization with pH+ technology and replacement cartridge system«

The CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ heating water filter system for heating water in low-salt operation is suitable for initial filling and demineralisation of the circulating heating water.

Based on its unique composition of different ion exchange resins, CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ provides a reliable demineralisation (deionization) and produces a heating water with a low electrical conductivity in the range of 0.1 - 100 μS / cm and a total hardness of <0.01 ° dH.

As a special advantage, the filter media composition in the CLARIMAX balances the pH value of the heating water to a level of ~8.2 - 8.5 already in the filling water of the heating system.

The CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ is particularly user-friendly thanks to the replacement cartridge system. The time-consuming resin change, as usual with conventional ion exchangers, is eliminated because the cartridges can be changed in no time at all.

Water filter for demineralisation of heating water.

Heizungswasseraufbereitung nach VDI mit CLARIMAX

The facts in brief

  • Heating water demineralisation according to the recommendations of VDI 2035 and other guidelines to an electrical conductivity of 0.1 - 100 µS/cm.
  • Balances the pH to a level of ~8.2 - 8.5.
  • Removes chlorides, sulfates, nitrates and hardness.
  • Easy to use with replacement cartridge system.
  • Ideal for initial filling and circulating water demineralisation of heating systems.
Heizungswasseraufbereitung, Korrosionsschutz Heizung

Technical Details CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ LED

Field of use:Water filter system for heating system filling with water according to guidelines such as VDI 2035, SWKI BT 102-01 or ÖNORM H 5195-1 with integrated balancing of the pH.
Operating temperature:4 to 60°C
Operating pressure:2 - 6.9 bar
Nominal flow:~8.3 l/min
Connection:3/4" male thread
Weight:~21,5 kgs ready to use

Model and Dimensions

Article-No.DescriptionA (mm)B (mm)Capacity at 10°dH / 17,8°fH / 330 µS/cmNominal flow
41050CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ LED Water Filter System300550~1,2 m3498 l/h
41052Replacement cartridge 1200  DM pH+----~1,2 m3--
41053Replacement cartridge 1200 DM----~1,2 m3--