• PUROFILL colorguard
    The water filter
    to guard your heating against scale
    and aggressive salts.
  • CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+
    The water filter system
    for filling heating systems,
    ideal in pH and low in salt.
  • elector Corrosion Protection
    Electrochemical water conditioning
    to protect the heating
    against rust and sludge.
  • Heating Water Test Kit
    The installers test kit
    for measurement of pH, hardness
    and conductivity.
    The re-usable water deionisation system
    for ideal heating water
    with low hardness and conductivity.
  • Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin
    High qualtiy ion exchange resin
    for deionisation (demineralisation)
    of heating system make-up water.
  • Heating Water Analysis
    Our proven service
    for troubleshooting and quality assurance
    in heating systems.

Ideal Water Quality – Stable Processeselector Water Treatment: Products – Troubleshooting – Advice

Water for trouble free technical applications

Since 1991 elector offers products and services for heating water treatment and protection against damages caused by scale and corrosion in heating systems. This experience enables us to provide our customers with water treatment systems for the low-chemical operation of industrial cooling and water temperature control circuits as well as water filter systems with ion exchangers.

elector products provide:

  • Best water quality and proven protection against water side damage with largely no chemical additives for water conditioning.
  • Preservation of value and high efficiency of heating systems and closed cooling and temperature control circuits by protection against corrosion, deposits and sludge.
  • Policy compliance, such as water treatment according to VDI 2035.
  • Improved environmental performance by reduced use of chemicals.
  • Cost savings due to functional water filter systems that require low maintenance.
  • Best possible guarantee for the health and safety of the operating personnel by clean water, free from harmful substances.

With a focus on water treatment in industrial and building technology, we have been involved in electrochemical water treatment methods for more than 25 years, providing environmentally and economically sound protection of heating systems as well as industrial cooling and temperatur control systems against water side damages.

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Products of Interest

Corrosion protection for heating systems: To keep your heating free from rust and sludge!

The elector device for electrochemical water treatment provides reliable protection against rust and sludge.

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What our customers say:

Heating Water Treatment

Chemical free system protection

It is widely known and accepted that chemicals, such as corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavangers or hardness stabilizers, are not necessary to prevent failures in heating systems and other closed water loops that might be caused by formation of limescale or corrosion.

On the contrary, as there is a large number of heating systems that suffer under corrosion even though the system has been dosed with corrosion inhibitors or other chemicals. Literature and research institutes confirm our experience that these additives only function properly on clean metal surfaces without debris or oxides and might have problems in the protection of complex geometrical structures, such as small gaps.

The use of corrosion inhibitors do not mean a 100% protection against corrosion, but only an inhibition of any possible corrosion!

A protection of metals in closed water loops against corrosion and against functional loss or damage caused by limestone is possible even without the use of chemicals. We have known and practiced this for more than 25 years!

Applicable directives and regulations, such as the VDI 2035 (protection of heating systems against water side damage) and others, speak of a low-salt operation without use of chemicals, which allows a safe protection of metallic components from water-side damage.

The low-salt operation can be achieved by treating the filling water of heating systems with deionisation (demineralisation) by ion-exchange. This will not only reduce the water hardness but the total amount of salts and therefore the electrical conductivity as well. By a low water hardness damages caused by limescale are prevented. The low electrical conductivity slows down any form of corrosion and in addition to that a low total content of salts prevents corrosion that might be caused by aggressive salts, such as chlorides or sulphates.

Even microbiological growth is prevented by the absence of important nutrient salts and that is why microbilogical induced corrosion (MIC) is unlikely in low-salt operation of heating systems.

In addition to the water treatment by ion-exchange we recommend a form of continuous electrochemical water treatment which scavanges oxygen, neutralises carbonic acid and allows a stable pH >8.5 under retention of a low electrical conductivity in the heating water. The electrochemical water treatment with our elector reaction containers has been our core competence since our company was founded in 1991.

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