Heating Water Treatment

Heating Water Products and Services

Test kit for the quick and simple heating water analysis on site. Measure pH, elecrical conductivity, TDS and hardness of heating water.

Laboratory for Heating Water Analysis

We have designed our laboratory especially for the analysis of heating water. In addition to the determination of the decisive parameters in heating water, we also offer recommendations and provide advice in case of problems or damage for our customers in industry, craft and trade.

Water Side Corrosion and Damage Prevention Consulting

We advise manufacturers of heating systems, heating technology components, service providers around the building services, specialist planners, administrators, experts and installers regarding corrosion protection in heating systems and heating water quality.

Water Treatment and Corrosion Protection for Heating Systems

The treatment of heating water has been the focus of our activities since foundation of our company.

Beginning in 1991 with products for electrochemical water treatment systems for the corrosion protection of heating system we nowadays offer a wide range of products for water treatment and water side corrosion protection in heating systems.

Our focus is not only the development, the production and the sales of our products for heating water treatment, but consulting and training for our market partners all around heating water.

Whether support in case of water side problems or events of damage in heating systems, the draft of proposals for heating water treatment and corrosion protection in heating systems or useful products for heating water systems – elector offers a choice of sincere and functional solutions for the treatment of heating water.

elector - Prevention Against Rust and Sludge

elector reaction tanks for electrochemical heating water treatment - the proven alternative to chemical corrosion inhibitors for protection against rust and sludge in heating systems. Ideal in case of old silted heating systems or for oxygen scavanging and for stabilization of pH in low salt operation of heating systems with deionized (demineralised) water.

CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ is a water filter system to treat the heating system make-up water in an simple and effective way according to regulations, such as the VDI 2035. By use of CLARIMAX 1200 DM pH+ the water gets not only deionized below an electrical conductivity of <100 µS/cm but the pH is stabilized at an average level of 8.2 - 8.5 as well. CLARIMAX is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to fill a modern heating system with ideal water quality according to applicable guidelines.

Ion Exchange Resin for Heating Water Treatment

The ion exchange resins from elector are ideal for demineralisation of the filling and circulating water of heating systems and can be used in all systems for demineralisation (deionization) available on the market. The ion exchange resins for demineralization are available in different blends, for example with a focus on higher pH.

PUROFILL colorguard - Top-up Water Filter

PUROFILL colorguard is a water filter for deionization of the top-up water for small heating systems. The transparent cartridge is filled with an ion-exchange in blue color, whereas the dye has the function of an capacity indicator. This low-cost system provides water in high quality but does not need an extra electronic capacity indicator.

MINIgarde Conductivity Indicator

The MINIgarde conductivity indicator is used for capacity monitoring of deionization (demineralisation) water filter systems. MINIgarde checks the water quality in the flow and signals the functional state of the ion exchange resins on a simple way.

Magnesium Anode for Elysator and elector

High potential magnesium anodes by elector are made of a special alloy of 99.9 % high purity magnesium. The anodes are designed for use in reaction tanks of the Elysator type, elector as well as other devices for electrochemical water treatment and corrosion protection in heating systems.

Refill Water Filter CLARIMAX bambini

The water filter system CLARIMAX bambini is the ideal choice for heating systems that have either been filled by treating the make-up water with CLARIMAX pH+ or any other water filter system for deionization (demineralisation). CLARIMAX bambini water demineralisation filter takes care that any kind of top-up water does not have a negative impact on the heating water. The cartridge system is designed for a wall mounted installation.  

PUROFILL Water Demineralisation Cartridge

The PUROFILL water filter cartridge system is used for the basic deionization (demineralisation) of the make-up water for heating systems to prevent damages and loss of function caused by formation of limescale or corrosion. By use of the PUROFILL water demineralisation system a heating water quality according to European guidelines, such as the VDI 2035, the SWKI BT 102-1 or the ÖNORM H5195-1, can be realized.

REFILL Water Demineralisation Station

The water demineralisation system REFILL is used for deionization of the refill water for heating systems. REFILL is to be installed in fixed top-up lines of heating systems and can be combined with manual and automatic devices for refilling and pressure retention.

OXILIN P-20 Heating System Cleaner

OXILIN P-20 is a reliable and safe heating system cleaning chemical agent used by installers to flush heating systems. The heating system cleaner is used when powerflushing silted underfloor heating systems or in case of heating system refurbishment to improve the flushing results.